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Join our dynamic dog training group classes designed to enhance your bond with your furry companion while mastering essential obedience skills. Led by experienced trainers, our classes offer a supportive environment where both you and your dog can learn and grow together. Here's what you can expect:

Class Format:

Small group setting for personalized attention, classes are posted weekly and are first come first serve. You must RSVP to secure your spot.

Weekly sessions focusing on obedience training and socialization

Fun and interactive activities to reinforce learning

Gradual progression from basic to advanced commands

Training Focus:

Leash manners and walking etiquette

Sit, stay, and come when called

Polite greetings with people and other dogs

Problem-solving for common behavior issues


Age and Health: Dogs must be as up-to-date on vaccinations as they can be to participate.

Temperament: Dogs should be friendly and comfortable around other dogs and people, if you’re dealing with reactivity let us know ahead of time. We do take reactive dogs but it is recommended they do 1:1 training first.

Basic Training Foundation: Some familiarity with basic commands like sit and stay is recommended but not required.

Training Equipment: Participants are required to bring- Treats, treat pouch, slip leash specifically the Howgo brand on Amazon link: , proof of vaccines, and sign training agreement.

Class Benefits:

Build a strong bond of trust and communication with your dog

Gain practical skills for navigating real-life situations with confidence

Connect with other dog owners and share experiences in a supportive community

Receive expert guidance and feedback from certified trainers

Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a rewarding training journey with your furry friend! Enroll now and unleash your dog's full potential in a fun and positive learning environment.

Drop in Group Class

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