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Companerismo Dog Trainings group classes offer a safe and structured environment to socialize your dog. During group classes, dogs are only allowed to engage with their owner. A lot of dogs struggle to focus around other dogs due to dog park socialization, this is a different approach teaching your dog to focus on you and not everything else around them. Not only will this technique strengthen your dogs training and focus, but also your relationship as dog and owner. Our group classes give clients and their dogs the opportunity to keep up with or continue the dogs training and strengthen the owners handling skills.

-Classes are posted weekly and are first come first serve. You must RSVP to secure your spot.

-Must show proof of vaccination to attend group classes.

-Must sign Training agreement prior to attending group classes.

-You’re responsible for purchasing any needed materials for group classes (treat, treat puches, place cota, slip leads, etc.)

Group Classes (1 yr)

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