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*Youre responsible for scheduling daycare once you’ve purchased the package. You can text or call us at 801-855-6929 or email us at to schedule your dogs daycare. Payment is non refundable after attending daycare.

Daycare includes:

-Up to 4, 20 minute socials

-Treadmill time for 20 minutes

-Structured down time.

Socialization: Our daycare offers valuable social time for your dog, allowing them to interact with other dogs in a controlled and supervised environment. This promotes positive social skills, reduces behavioral issues, and enhances their overall well-being.

Expert Guidance: With Compañerismo Dog Training, your dog receives expert supervision and guidance during daycare sessions. Our trained staff ensures safe and positive interactions, helping your dog develop appropriate social behaviors.

Structured Activities: In addition to social time, our daycare includes structured activities such as time on the doggy treadmill. These activities provide mental stimulation, physical exercise, and enrichment, keeping your dog engaged and happy throughout the day.

Structured Downtime: We understand the importance of rest and relaxation for dogs. That's why our daycare includes structured downtime, allowing your dog to recharge and rest in a calm and comfortable environment.

Improved Behavior: By participating in our daycare program, your dog learns valuable social skills, gains confidence, and burns off excess energy. This often leads to improved behavior at home, as well-behaved and mentally stimulated dogs are generally happier and more content.

Convenience: Our daycare program offers convenience for busy pet parents, providing a safe and engaging environment for their dogs while they attend to their daily responsibilities.

Overall, daycare with Compañerismo Dog Training offers numerous benefits, including socialization, structured activities, expert guidance, and improved behavior, providing a perfect structured day for your furry friend.

Single day of Daycare

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