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Social classes are used to teach dogs proper social skills and understand social cues given by other dogs. These classes are a great place for shy, anxious, pushy, aggressive or overly playful dogs to learn proper play style. During social classes we will take the time to guide each dog until they're able to make good choices on their own. Companerismo Dog Training LLC is currently only doing small dog and puppy socials.

-Classes are posted weekly on our events section on the Home page. All classes are first come first serve, you must RSVP.

-All dogs must show proof of Up to date Vaccines, Puppies need minimum their first set of shots.

-Must sign Training agreement prior to attending social classes.


-NO Talk, Touch, or Eye contact with any of the dogs INCLUDING YOUR OWN. Some of the dogs do not enjoy human interactions. We want to make this a safe environment for all dogs.

-New class attendees must pay a $50 evaluation fee, this gives us the opportunity to get to know your dog and how they handle/act towards new people, dogs and environments. Current or past Clients are NOT required to do this or clients that have attended social classes in the past through Companerismo Dog Training LLC.

-Puppies under 4 months are NOT required to do an evaluation, but are required to pay the entrance Fee.

-You MUST be on time. We will leave the gate open 5 minutes after start time, but once the gate is closed it will NOT be opened. If you arrive and the gate is closed we will not let you in.

-Dogs are to be kept 5 ft apart when on leash. NO acceptions.

-Dogs must come on their training leash or a regular 6ft clip lead. NO RETRACTABLE LEASHES.

-1 Human per dog, No kids under the age of 13. If you come with more people then dogs you will be asked to leave.

-NO treats in class.

If you cannot comply with the rules you will be removed from the class.

Social Classes, Dogs must be under 12 months

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