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Leash Skills all September Long!

This months group classes are focused purely on leash skills, for the next 4 weeks we will be perfecting the art of the leash. This is a great program to touch up your old dogs leash skills, get your puppy on the right track, or just practice around more distractions for bulletproof leash skills. We will be going over..

-Proper placement of the leash

-How to hold the leash

-How to address pulling on the leash

-Regaining control of your dog using leash pressure

-Leash drills to start walks off on the right paw

-How to greet a dog on leash

-How to advocate for your shy dog when on leash

-Walking in public

& More

Owners and dogs who attend all of the Leash skills classes will receive a certificate of completion!

How do you get started?

-Are you a Client?

-Yes, RSVP the classes are FREE!

-No, Pay the Group Class Fee of $150 for 1 year of group classes, email us up to date vaccine records, and sign our waiver

What do you need?

-TrainingTreats, some of our favorites are; Freeze dried chicken and/or beef liver, Charlie Bear Brand, Bully boy Trainging Nibs, and your dog kibble

-Yourself and your dog with a positive attitude!

Here at Companerismo Dog Training we pride ourselves on using techniques your dog enjoys and will build your relationship with your dog.

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