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No Group Class this Week

This week I will be taking a few days/evenings to continue my education to be the best trainer for you and your dogs. Due to me being unable to provide my clients with group classes this week I have come up with a list of other fulfilling activities you can do with your dog that will obtain the same benefits of group classes or BETTER! I encourage all of my clients to pick 2 activities from the list to complete with your best furiend, video you and your dog completing the 2 activities you picked, then post it to your Instagram story and tag us!

  • Public outing with your dog, if your dog is more advanced in their training practice some obedience (down stays, leash work, etc) if you're dog is more shy focus on socialization and confidence building. Link to dog friendly stores:

  • Take your dog on a structured walk with one of their best dog friends! Don't allow the dogs to interact during the walk, focus on calm walking around eachother.

  • Practice crate games with your dog to help them build a positive association with their crate. Link to Crate games:

  • Take your dog on a Pack walk with Utah Pack Walks, Link:

  • Take your dog to Riverside Pet Care and take advantage of their Fear Free exposure, call them to set up a time to come in. Riverside Phone #1(385)425-6444

  • Take your dog to a Local Park and encourage them to climb on the park equipment for some confidence building.

  • Take your dog to Tanner Dog Park and encourage them to explore but also occasionally practice their off leash recall!

Thank you all for being such amazing clients! I can't wait to implement my new knowledge into my training programs and help you and your pups build a stronger Companerismo. Can't wait to see all the photos and videos from you and your pups this week!

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